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"Flooding the room with deadly neurotoxin"
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Centi "mothbeasts" Scolependra's Autism Blast || The Fabricator

Hi. If you haven't already guessed, this is my infodump about the fabricator from the vr series I Expect You To Die. the woman my profile is themed around. smiles. Obligatory spoiler warning for the entirety of the series.


I Expect You To Die is a VR game series created by Schell Games. As of writing this, there are three entries in the series. Each game revolves around your mission to defeat Zoraxis, a megacorporation run by a billionaire set on world domination. Said billionaire is Doctor Zor, a highly mysterious entity. We don't know much about them, other than the fact that they like red and gold and that they use a voice modulator. Oh, and the devs confirmed their pronouns to be they/them.

The Fabricator is a secondary antagonist introduced in the second entry in the series. Her job is described as "Luxury death trap design," though she does appear to be a somewhat public figure in fashion as well based on promotional materials and a radio advertisement in the third game. The primary focus of her work, however, is various machines created for Zoraxis. The Fabricator's main role in the series is as the one making the traps and machines you go up against: Her work is central in multiple Zoraxis plots, and she's a well-known and highly feared force in the Agency. To the point where they will not send agents to locations she frequents.

Her list of known projects is as follows:

  • A custom car for Zor, equipped with several layers of defense and a cannon mechanism
  • The Grenegg, a large rocket-powered virus dispensing mechanism
  • The ZC-07 bear archer
  • A gravity-alteration machine
  • The Mimic Mask, designed for world-renowned actor John Juniper to impersonate heads of state
  • Multiple other masks for Juniper
  • The Masque of Red Death, a giant mask-shaped poison gas dispenser
  • The nuclear rocket designed for the Peace Summit
  • A kinesium-heating machine for Project BURN
  • The shield generator for Project BRIM
  • All of Project KBOOM (unconfirmed but highly likely)

A good chunk of these projects are ones that she worked on with Commander Solaris - A fellow engineer she's described as "inelegant," though based on tapes in the Fabricator-focused level Eaves Drop the two are rather close. The Fabricator offered to let Solaris assumedly torture and kill the player if she caught them, as well as called her darling. And official promotional material describes them as a "duo." There's certainly something here, I would say. Solaris doesn't have a prominent role past the first game, where she is a main antagonist.

She also seems to be rather close with Zor, based on the way she talks to them and the prominent role she plays in so many projects. She also kills John Juniper when he threatens to reveal Zor's identity (On orders from Zor, yes, but she seems eager to do so). She's also described as second only to Zor, implying a high rank within Zoraxis.

Her sleep schedule seems bad - In Eaves Drop, the only item on an older to-do list that isn't crossed out is "get some sleep."

She also eats poison for fun. As confirmed by the devs.


In a puzzle available only through the official discord, after the release of the second game, the Fabricator became penpals with the Handler (the player's helper and guide throughout the games). They played chess by mail for some time (something that the Fabricator seemingly enjoyed) - it's noted that she's VERY good at chess - before she pretended to kidnap herself and threatened the fake penpal's life. The Handler received a series of cryptic puzzles in the mail, and then was blackmailed into giving up an Agency location. The Fabricator trashed the place and left a final puzzle, where she revealed her identity and the fact that this was all a petty revenge plot. There were never any stakes. Nobody would have died. She was just feeling a bit silly.


The Fabricator seems like a paranoid person. Her personal workshop and desk are all highly trapped and locked, she has a tendency to record (her side) of phone calls and conversations, and working in an environment where your peers are not above killing and any mistake will lead to death is probably not ideal for avoiding paranoia. Her closeness to Zor is a blessing as well as a curse: She has high expectations placed on her, and failure very well could mean death. Zor has been shown to kill higher-ranking operatives for minor infractions.

Zor does seem to be fond of her, however- They seemingly trust her with a lot.

The nature of her relationship with Solaris is uncertain, but she was seemingly less enthusiastic after Solaris left Zoraxis.


In no particular order, my personal headcanons. These have no basis in canon, I just get silly with it.

She's a transgender lesbian. Part of her benefits at Zoraxis was access to gender affirming care.

Her relationship with her family is... Strained, to say the least. She cut all contact after going to university.

Her relationship with Zor is... Interesting. The two aren't romantically involved, necessarily, but Zor is possessive. And to an outsider it would seem like a romantic relationship. It isn't. Zor doesn't date. She's like an ornament to them, really - something pretty they keep around. They're highly manipulative, but she both doesn't care and doesn't see the red flags for what they are. In all honesty they're both very fucked up and none of this is healthy. It's an "ESH but you're perfect for each other never involve anyone else in this" type of situation. Zor vivisects her for fun.

In her early days at Zoraxis, a lab accident took her arm off. She now has a custom-made prosthetic that she designed herself.

She has feelings for Solaris, but doesn't say anything. It wouldn't be safe, with how possessive Zor is of her. She would just put both of them in danger.

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