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About this

What is this?

It's a clone of MySpace93

Who made this?

the F46N organization made this.

Why is this?

Internet art,
Time travelling,
Old versus new comparison,
Digital society studies,
Design studies,
Social network studies,
CSS magic,
Art freedom,
Tech freedom,
Creative sandbox,
Copyright infringement,
Fake accounting,
Cyber hustling,
Make fwiends!

I think?

What kind of business are you doing with my data?

Absolutely nothing. We made this on our free time just for you.
Please accept this special gift with our compliments.

Are my passwords hashed?


How can I support this?

This service is free.
If you want to support our projects, please consider sending some money here
If you want you can also share this over your own network.

Does this place have rules?

  1. Don't be racist
  2. Don't post porn
  3. Don't break Venezuela law. Your suspicious money printing scheme won't be tolerated here.
  4. Don't be an idiot
  5. Don't be under 13 years old
  6. Using the name of an already existing user is fine, but stealing all of their profile's contents isn't.
Follow these rules, and you won't get banned.

Can I get the source of this?