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Help | MySpace46

How to create an account?

Go here : Sign Up

How do I edit my fwiend list?

You can favorite, remove or block fwiends here: My Fwiends list

Can I see all users somewhere?

Yes, here: All Tom's Fwiends

Why can't I see my comment after posting to my fwiend's page?

Because your comment needs your fwiend's approval to be published.
Your fwiend can disable this in their user settings.

Why did my name became "User Banned" and I had this stupid avatar?

Obviously because you were permabanned: OOf, the end.

How do I remove Tom from my fwiends?

Try this: Top 10 reasons why I hate Tom from myspace

How do I customize my profile?

1. Learn some CSS basics here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/
2. Use the custom CSS formular available here: Edit your profile
3. Use pure CSS only:
4. Unfortunatly, for security reasons, some words will disable your CSS rules.
These words are: style, script and php, do not use them in your CSS.
Using these words is totally fine on here.

Can I use the Markdown Syntax on mySpace?

Yes my fwiend! You can use the Markdown syntax in your ABOUT and WHO sections,
Learn more here: Basic Syntax
You can also use special things, like

I'm a developer, is there an api for this?

Not yet.

How do i steal CSS?

Lol, okay buddy. Yoooou suck, but whatever.
If you want to steal a group's CSS, enter "g" before entering the group ID