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BOYCOT VALVE! | SquirrelJacker4 | MySpace46


i am here To Tell everyone that I played the new ""half life: vance" Game for VR and it Is Terrible I am going to SUE VALVE !!!

first of all 1 Complaint: you have to carry this Fuck Ass Gnome around everyehre if you want all 29 achievemnt points. WHY cant i just put him in a backack?!?

second 2 of: alex needs to inject heroin all the time to gaIn haelth. a Kid could see that and get VEry wrong idea and do heroin and die and it wuld be valve fault!

third 3 and CERTAINLY not least: my Compuger, which is rVery high quality graphics (NVIDIA GEFORCE 110 and i5 CPU) can vbarely run the game. it is choppy and stuttering and my screen constantly go dark. TERRIBLE perforamnce and they should take it off steam store utntil it is PLAYABLE and not BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOO BIG DIDNT WATCH: DO NOT BUY HALF LIFE: ALEX VANCE ADVENTURES FOR VR ON COMPUTER! instead play PIXEL GUN 3D much better combat and will not turn your monibor to tost like baked oven

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